Prossimi appuntamenti..... per vedere Roberto Bolle


Il personaggio nelle parole di Roberto:

"He arrives in this house, and he is just there for his job. He doesn't have to flirt. Everything happens because of him, but not because he wants to create everything." (Wall Street Journal - 2013)

Scenes from the opera "Don Giovanni" decorate the walls of the set (...) it encourages us to see connections between the Don and Beliaev. After all, the Don has been variously interpreted as quarry or victim as much as pursuer, liberator of women and idealist rather than straightforward vile seducer. Arlene Croce compares Beliaev interestingly to the Kierkegaard figure of an unconscious Don, object of love rather than lover. (...) The erotic force of Beliaev is focal within Month, and it is interesting - though again I am not trying to argue unduly from the point of view of Ashton’s intentions – that Ashton once toyed with the idea of calling his ballet "The Student", after Turgenev’s original title for Month. (S. Jordan)

It is rare for the dancer of Beliaev to be equally at home with the distinctly varied pas de deux in which he is involved. Age, too, is a problem in this ballet. Beliaev is often given to unconvincing older dancers (K. Sorley Walker)

Il fascino del personaggio è nei contrasti, perchè sembra una proiezione delle attese altrui e perchè sono molto marcate le inflessioni nello stile, dalla danza di carattere al lirismo. Tra le preziosità coreografiche c'è la diagonale in cui Beliaev si stacca dal gruppo Natalia-Kolia-Vera e con un mezzo giro del bacino passa dall'arabesque alla quarta avanti.