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L'interpretazione di Roberto nei commenti dei Bollerini:

L'interpretazione di Roberto nei commenti della critica:

«The role of Aminta is a pretty thankless task, but Roberto Bolle, the Italian guest artist, ensures that he is noticed. Tall and handsome, he has a splendid physique and a gorgeous technique that delivers breathtaking solos» (Debra Craine - The Times)
«Roberto Bolle is dream casting for the shepherd Aminta. This curiously underwritten role is dramatically inert but the choreography shows off the Italian star's dark good looks and elegant classical line.» (Louise Levene - The Telegraph)
«Bolle comes to Bussell's rescue in their final pas de deux (...) More like a god than a shepherd, he makes wimpish Aminta into a hero.» (Jann Parry - The Observer)