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L'interpretazione di Roberto alla Scala nei commenti dei Bollerini:

L'interpretazione di Roberto al Met nei commenti dei Bollerini:

L'interpretazione di Roberto al Met di NY nel commento di Robert Johnson per The Star-Ledger

«Neumeier doesn’t try to showcase academic steps, in the 19th-century manner. Instead he gives us virtuoso partnering. When Marguerite isn’t seated in a chaise, she is being spun, hoisted and flipped in a series of amazing duets. As Armand, dancer Roberto Bolle is heroic, yet his line stays pure and his emoting nuanced.»

E nel commento di Susan Hall per Berkshire Fine Arts:

«In a prologue, her young lover, danced by Roberto Bolle, rushes in and collapses, remembering their passionate romance and her tragic end. (...) Julie Kent and Roberto Bolle as Marguerite and Armand carry the story forward, walking and dashing around the stage. Bolle has a moving eloquence rather than higher leaps and faster beats. Even his difficult steps come out of the emotions and feelings of his character. Harmony for Bolle is the matching of feeling and movement. His nickname "Italian Stallion" hardly conveys his erotic charge. Bolle as danseur noble is perfect for this expressive role. (...) Lady is a dark story lightened by Kent and Bolle's performance. (....) Neumeier forecasts the tragic end of his ballet, but he also uses the Manon couple to reinforce the images of passion, of beauty. He shows how timeless ballet can elevate even a doomed relationship to moments of joy. Joy at least for the viewer watching Bolle and Kent at work.»

E nel commento di Carlos Stafford per The Model Critic:

«Both Julie Kent and Roberto Bolle are well cast in their respective roles–Bolle, as Armand, a classic figure, tall, dark, courtly with noble lines, and Kent, as Marguerite, airy, limpid, and ethereal. When they dance, he gives of himself totally in burning love and adoration. In beautiful, spiraling lifts, effortless carries, and melts to the floor, the dancers become one.»